Interior Inspiration - Raoul Dufy

"If I could express the joy that is in me!" said Raoul Dufy, 
French painter, draftsman, book illustrator and designer of ceramics, fabrics, tapestries and furniture. 

Dufy spent much of his time on the French Riviera 
and produced series of paintings of Nice (1927), the Bois de Boulogne (1929), and Deauville (1930).
   I've got here some of his lively, carefree, elegant paintings of the interiors. 
Those spaces are light, airy, luxurious, in bright colors and - fashionably decorative. 
And they are still up-to-date!

    They made me think about the thin line between art and design.



I also started thinking about crossing that thin blue line between a dream and reality...

And here are some designs that have a certain charmé of Duffy's paintings...

Балкон инспирација

French Country Interior
Pink interior


  1. Lovely paintings, and such elegant interior ideas, thank you!
    We are also big fans of Raoul Dufy, but just recently came across his brother Jean's work, have you seen it? Was it ignored because it was similar?
    More here about their tricky relationship and some pics.

    1. One could easily mistake some of Jean’s paintings for Raoul’s. (Actually - I have even put one of his paintings here thinking it was his brother’s.) Thank you for revealing this interesting story to me.

      I took some time to look through work of Jean Dufy. He was certainly very good painter, and it’s a pity that he didn’t continue development of his own artistic language. I suppose he was enchanted by his brother’s playful and flamboyant style and freedom as we are nowadays.

      But were the two of them really that similar?

      Judging upon the early work of Jean Dufy - his compositions were more massive, more classical, and somewhat restrained. Also his true colors were heavier, darker. I can only imagine what kind of passion he got that burned up in the shadow of his brother’s sun…


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